Find a Spiritual Director

The person offering spiritual direction will be a person of prayer, who makes the commitment to accept you as you are and where you are, with total openness, without criticism or unsolicited advice. Their role is to support your discernment of the action of the spirit in your life.

People usually meet face to face, in the accompanier’s home, but other arrangements can be made if, for whatever reason, this is not possible. You can meet as often as you feel you need to; a common pattern is to come every six to eight weeks, usually for about an hour. You can start with a one-off meeting and see how this goes. They come from all denominations. Some people make a charge for their services. Here are some examples of how spiritual directors describe their individual approach:

  • accompany people as they discover how they respond to God
  • reach out to people ‘on the edge’ who may have difficulty with traditional language
  • … alongside a person on their journey
  • creative responses to life transitions …
  • promote human wholeness
  • committed to tolerance, inclusion and openness
  • encourage people to continue their Christian pilgrimage

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