About us

The SpiDir Network is co-ordinated  – ‘held’ – by a small ecumenical group of experienced spiritual directors, the Holding Group, whose purpose is to monitor and develop the provision of spiritual direction in our area. The group is accountable to the whole network through a regular pattern of consultation. There are a number of sub-groups which deal with particular areas of the work. All group and sub-group members work on a voluntary basis

Holding Group members: Anne Bowker,Jill Buckeldee, Lynette Harborne,
Alison Hassall, Andrew Meynell, Susan Sheppy

The List Group manages and publishes a list of the names and contact details of those offering spiritual direction in the three counties. The list is available to anyone seeking spiritual direction. Please see “Find a Spiritual Director”.

The group also deals with applications from spiritual directors wishing to join the list through a process of references and interviews. Members of the List Group are happy to discuss what you are looking for. Please contact us with your enquiry 

List Group members:  Lynette Harborne, Alison Hassall,
Christine Bainbridge, Susanna Reece

The Events Group organises 3 – 4 workshop days every year for practising spiritual directors. In many cases these are “open to all” – i.e.  anyone wanting to go further and deeper on their spiritual journey.

Events Group members: Anne Bowker, Jane Booth, Mieke Gaynor, Andrew Meynell,

The Training Group organises initial and on-going training for spiritual directors and supervisors.

Training Group members: Lynette Harborne, Alison Hassall, Susan Sheppy

The Communications Group produces an occasional e-newsletter. Access is restricted to SpiDir spiritual directors only. To contact us to receive e-news mailings or to submit e-news content please click here.

Communications Group members: Bobbie Stormont, Hilary Campbell

For full details on how we use your personal data in the Spiritual Direction Network in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire (SpiDir) please click here