to the website of the Spiritual Direction Network
in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

SpiDir is an independent ecumenical network
of people offering the ministry of spiritual accompaniment which in the Christian tradition is  called Spiritual Direction.

You may wonder what we mean by the word ‘spiritual’. For us, ‘spirituality’ is the universal human search for meaning, which underlies all religions but is not exclusive to any, and is individual to each one of us.

Sacred space and spiritual direction
From early times across many religions, people have found it helpful to talk about their spiritual life with someone they trust. This creates a ‘sacred space’, confidential and comfortable, totally focused on their concerns. 

Spiritual direction is not about someone telling you what to do, but about finding your own ‘direction’ in life, through the companionship of someone who listens reflectively, without judgement or prior expectations.

This may be particularly important at times of great change in your life, or when you have a difficult issue to deal with, or a feeling of inner emptiness. Or it may be about finding ways to pray, or to respond to a sense of being invited into something deeper.

Who is this for?
It is not just for very holy people, or members of churches – it is for anyone who feels the need. Many people find this pattern of reflective companionship is a significant help.